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Prepaid products with built-in benefits from the start

Prepaid products, such as gift cards and other prepaid vouchers, is a category of products that is experiencing strong growth. It is an attractive product for both customers and retailers.

Goyada’s complete solution for gift cards contributes to the business in several different ways:

  • Electronic gift cards modernise and simplify the processing of cards.
  • Sales of gift cards lead to new customers.
  • An important marketing tool that increases visibility both at the point of sale and at home.
  • The product also provides a better understanding of the customers’ purchasing behaviour.

Services through Goyada:

  • Electronic and digital gift cards.
  • Electronic vouchers for mobile telephony, so called refills for prepaid cards.
  • Other types of refill codes and vouchers, including subscription services such as Spotify.

Did you know this about gift card sales?

Gift cards generate higher margins since 31% of gift card customers purchase products at full price instead of discounted products.

It leads to a significant amount of additional sales. 81% of those that receive a gift card spend more than the value of the card, on average as much as 40%.

Almost ten percent of all Christmas gifts are returned. Sales of gift cards lead to a lower number of returns and repurchases. Perhaps not surprising when the customer is allowed to choose.

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